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Even though a lot a changed these days in sales, phone calls are still more effective than emails or social media posts. However, you have to do it right. Especially when you’re pitching to customers in the automotive sector, make sure you cover all the grounds to get that appointment. But how do you do that? Well, there’s only one answer – practice. Prepare yourself for all possible questions that may arise during a conversation. And think of the best answers beforehand.

Our Tigers

Muhammad Bin Saeed

Sales Manager

Passionate and energetic

Imran Butt

Corporate Sales Manager

Good Communication Skills and efficient

Saif Ali

Sales Admin Manager

Always Motivated


Sales Executive

Confident and self motivated


Sales Executive

Ability to work on under pressure


Amjad Zareef

Assistant Sales Admin Manager

Efficent guy

    Hyundai Nishat Motor Ground Breaking Ceremony

    Hyundai as an Employer
    We value our staff at Hyundai – Hyundai Nishat Motor (Private) Limited ensures that we employ the best people.

    We look for enthusiastic, energetic, flexible team players

    who will enjoy the excitement and challenges of working for a very successful and rapidly growing organization.

    If you are highly motivated, goal oriented and looking for a challenging career then register yourself now at our group career section.

    Management Philosophy
    Hyundai Motor's management philosophy is to help create a new automotive future through innovative thinking and the continuous challenge to the status quo. By following this credo, we will become a highly-respected global automaker that is renowned for its contributions to the well-being of people throughout the world and helping them to connect with quality time.
    Lifetime partner in automobiles and beyond Hyundai Motor recognizes the importance and impact that automobiles have on society and mankind. We strive to play a role that extends beyond being simply a car manufacturer to become our customers lifetime partner. In addition, we are committed to making the world a better and healthier place for everyone living in it.
    Our new vision
    Hyundai Motor Company is striving to provide freedom of movement to everyone by investing in mobility services, by building close relationship with leading mobility service providers and expanding our role beyond the automotive transportation sector. The company will play a pivotal role in global society’s transition to clean energy by helping make hydrogen an economically viable energy source.
    Our Vision
    Progress for Humanity

    We are here to do the right
    thing for humanity.

    Humanity unites us and makes us stronger. Humanity accelerates progress by creating innovative solutions to solve global problems.
    By believing in the value of humanity, it allows us to strengthen our relationships, feel connected, and get more from life.
    Brand Manifesto
    Our idea of future mobility is based on the strong commitment that we give to society. We are here to do the right thing, for humanity.

    Our focus on humanity means we understand what people want in life. To get the most out of time we have. We understand that time is the most precious commodity of all, the one thing money can’t buy.

    That is how life is not just about spending time, it’s all about time well spent.

    Our purpose is to reinvent the 24 hours that we are equally given into quality time, making every moment truly worthwhile and rewarding.

    This is our future mobility.

    It’s not about going from A to B, it’s about the moments that truly matter.

    Connecting people with quality time.
    Meet our Staff
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    Personal information




    PROTER H-100





    Power sunroof

    Whenever the sun or the stars shine, the optional sunroof with a safety sensor lets you enjoy the outside with a fresh breeze for your driving pleasure.

    Chrome outside door handles

    Distinctive chrome exterior door handles add a luxurious look.

    Rear reflectors

    Sharing a design similar to the LED Daytime running lights, the rear reflectors provide a unified look and feel.

    Driver Attention Warning (DAW)

    This system recognizes signs of driver’s fatigue and issues an alert advising the driver to take a break.

    Rear Occupant Alert (ROA)

    The Rear Occupant Alert detects movement in the rear seats and reminds the driver there are rear occupants with an alert on the cluster. If the system detects movement after the driver has left the car and locked it, it sets off a sound alarm.

    Surround View Monitor (SVM)

    A multi-camera system provides a 360-degree view around the vehicle to assist the driver in parking situations.

    Rear spoiler with High-Mounted Stop Lamp (HMSL)

    LED rear combination lamps

    Outside mirrors with side repeaters